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Liquid Filling

OMP Now Manufacturing the JBN Design Line

Cost-Efficient Solutions for Liquid Filling

Building on a decade-long partnership with JBN Design, OMP is now manufacturing the JBN line of equipment. While maintaining the versatility and flexibility that JBN is known for, the equipment has all been upgraded to meet the high quality standards of OMP.

Precision Filling, Siemen’s Controllers, and Drip-Less Heads are only a few of the improved features of the line.

Sensible and Innovative Production Solutions


Once again, OMP has found an innovative solution for a frequent problem facing candle makers-drips.

The heads on OMP fillers are designed to perfectly seal after every pour, eliminating the risk of drips that soil jarware. This new head design also eliminates the need for O-rings, meaning less down time for maintenance.

 Dispenser can be adjusted vertically and horizontally over containers 
 Photo-eye fill activation 
 Jacketed tank 
 Stainless Steel construction 
 Pneumatically activated 
 PLC Controller 
 Temperature controlled tank with electric heaters 
 Built to the candle maker’s requirements 
 Rapid cleaning process for color changes

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